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TAKING THE 1ST STEP: “Should I really go for Counseling-Therapy?”

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Have you found yourself questioning: What is counseling? | Should I really go/try counseling?

I hope this article helps answer some of your doubts and nervousness to start with therapy | counseling.

Often people are scared to go for therapy, with the thought of being vulnerable again, and that too to a complete stranger! It is intimidating for many to even think of revisiting the painful experiences and those feelings. People doubt if they will be able to gather themselves back and cope once those feelings and happenings resurface. Part of it also stems from the teachings since childhood, like:

When the feelings/thoughts begin to affect your day to day living for weeks and more; when it begins to affect your view of the world, your interactions and relationships, and makes you feel not yourself, is when it is time to check and care for your mental health.

Like for physical health, seeking professional service is suggested; similarly, for your mental health when you are unable to manage your emotions, thoughts and experiences, seeking therapy is recommended. Like physical health, sometimes the distress does not get better by itself, or with time, or by traditional, common remedies.

Even with studies for that matter, there are some difficult questions which you are able to solve by yourselves with a little more effort and a little frustration; but for some questions and subjects you cannot solve it yourself and need extra help from a tutor or a teacher to guide you in dealing with it. Counseling and Therapy is just that guide and support for your Mental Health.

I know it is not entirely the same or even close in comparison when talking of the difficult emotions and experiences. It requires a lot of determination and will to accept that you need to ‘work on yourself’ and need professional help.

Therapy helps you process those feeling and experiences in your own time; whenever you feel safe to discuss them. Psychotherapy does not necessarily make you entirely re-experience your past experience and feelings, but process the parts that have affected you the most. The purpose of psychotherapy is not to correct the past, but to empower individuals and to ensure their overall well-being in the present and for the future.

If you feel you/or anyone in your hood wants to discuss it, or take that 1st step; I am here for you. Reach out anytime to, and take that 1st step of contacting!

- Purvi Balasaria


M: +91 9080610825 E:

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