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Our Services

All the Services are provided Online, over an Audio-Video Mode.

The services maybe booked Anyday of the week between 10am-10pm, at least a day in advance.

*However Emergency & Crisis situations are exceptional and considered at all times.

Please keep in mind, psychometric assessments are not done here, and non-medication required interventions are conducted in the sessions.

PLEASE NOTE (Additional Information)

Only Psychiatrists are eligible to clinically assess and prescribe medications in case needed

In case, you require a clinical diagnosis, kindly seek the services of a Clinical Psychologist.


       +91 9080610825 


Individual Counseling (Adults)

One-One psychotherapy sessions of 1 hour for individuals above 18 yrs to explore and process any distress, or the present phase of life that one is finding difficult to pass through and function well in everyday life.

Counseling regarding Parenting

One hour session with the parent(s) or the would-be parent(s) to help them navigate and process the distress they are facing in managing and connecting well with the child/children.

It may be needed at any stage of parenting, and that's okay!


As per the requirement, awareness and learning session of 1 hour or more can be conducted online.

Individual Counseling (Children)

One-One individual counselling & therapy sessions for children within the age group of 5-18yrs, who are struggling with adjustment, or any other distress that the child might be facing academically or otherwise.

In case of children with 5-12yrs of age, involvement of parents in some sessions is required.


As per the requirement of the organization/institute, workshop of a day or more can be conducted online with the select group(s).

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Webinar Series: Eating Disturbance

Why Even Care? How to care for it?

What Our Clients Say..

"I felt very comfortable with Purvi, even though I struggle to express myself and ramble she was patient and helped me through it. I’m very thankful and would recommend her services to my friends."
- 22 yrs, Female ( sought therapy for Depression & Anxiety)
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