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Mental Health & Nutrition: A short guide for your well-being

There is multiple research showing how our eating affects our physical and mental well-being. This blog is not that.  

In this blog I talk about it through real-life experiences, and also the challenges we face when trying to work on them simultaneously.

Often you will notice when you are anxious over a few days/weeks be it due to exams, or any other reason, along with experiencing frequent zoning out, hyper-alertness, you may also observe - fluctuations in your blood pressure,

-shift in your appetite,

-acidity or

-inability to eat moderate or usual portions,

-shift in your metabolism, etc.

While with therapy, the cause and physiological aspects of the anxiety can be worked upon, certain aspects of nutrition can support in functioning with the present anxiety.

Nutrition elements can also be resourceful in managing a lot of the psychological aspects such as -fogginess of the mind,

-low mood, and


While these are very apparent aspects, even in long term, when working with perpetual stress, or a catastrophic event, one can notice a decline in their



- intolerance to certain food, etc.

which occurs due to deterioration in the gut health which is closely related to secretion of certain biochemical hormones along with digestive bacteria & enzymes.

To keep it simple and easy, I am not delving much into the neuroscience of it in this blog. However, if you’re interested in knowing further, do let me know in the comments, and I shall roll out another detailed blog on the same.

Challenges in working on Mental Health and Nutrition together

Even with other distresses, one is so often preoccupied and fatigued (both psychologically and physically) to cook fresh food. This leads to either eating preserved or junk food, ordering in, or skipping meals. For many, that again leads to guilt or self criticism that due to their affected mental health, they’re not able to take care of their health and other responsibilities. It becomes a vicious cycle. It also feels like a very isolating experience.

Therefore, it is not always easy to work on multiple aspects of your well-being at once, especially by yourself. When there is collaborative work or it feels like a team/community is working, is when working on mental health and nutrition, or maybe other aspects of your well-being becomes feasible and sustainable.

As you know, Becoming Conscious Beings is always dedicated towards working on your mental health and overall well-being. Hence, I along with a nutrition expert are soon bringing a service to you which may make it easier, smoother and fun for you to work on multiple aspects of your well-being simultaneously.

Write to us on the contact below, if this excites you, and is something you look forward to. We, at  Becoming Conscious Beings, would love to hear your views.

Purvi Balasaria


Contact us at:

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