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"I would have solved it, had I known what to do!"- How we expect Therapy to work

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Coming from a therapist, this article speaks about what counseling & therapy means, and what does it mean to take counseling and therapy.

A lot of times, one goes to counselling-therapy with the mindset that the therapist will know them inside-out, and give a solution for the problem they are facing. A lot of times it come from the place where one thinks,

“Whatever I tried in my capacity to solve this problem, did not work. So the counsellor- who has studied about human behavior and patterns; will know better, and will be able to provide me with a solution”.

Well, like most people if you also thought this is what counseling and therapy entails, or what happens in therapy, you've set yourself up for disappointment and myths.

While Counseling does help you with solutions regarding how to manage the problems in the present, it definitely is not like a prescription of solution. It still needs a few sessions to understand you and to provide with the choice and guidance through the solutions that work the best for you.

Therapy involves understanding oneself better and get an objective perspective to the situations. Therapy empowers individuals, and to take an action being fully aware of the distress and its consequences on them. It facilitates individuals to take an action according to what is suitable or applicable for them. It facilitates individuals to be accountable and be sure of the actions they want to take to resolve or reduce their distress.

Therapy also helps to work through the times when the choices one made don't work out. It facilitates to work through situations when one in conflicted in making or changing their choices or what we want in life. It helps in understanding and working through present priorities and the change in priorities.

The process, definitely facilitates understanding oneself better, getting an objective perspective on situations and life experiences and to understand patterns, in order to work on them and avoid it in future.

Therapy helps regain the autonomy in our lives, and in managing our thoughts and feelings. It entails working through the feeling of the situations or other people having gotten the better of us.

- Purvi Balasaria



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