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UNDERSTANDING EMPLOYEE WELLBEING: Promoting Employee Retention & Competence

Ever felt a discrepancy between the care package you provide, and employee’s satisfaction with it?

This article helps you get an insight into the possible redressals that employees seek AND the effective well-being packages you can provide to your employees, helping you retain employees & enhance their competence.

Why curate & invest in creating a well rounded Care & Wellbeing Package for your employees?

Having an effective care & well-being package is a great way to retain valuable employees, and express your care. An effective health care package not only affects employee retention, but also in enhancing their Competence & smooth functioning of the organization.

This article is based on observations of the workplace, and reports by individuals holding different job roles, in various fields of work .

Some of the mistakes companies are making in providing care & support to their Employees

The most common, ready solution that employers provide when employees report of stress and burnout in various ways,’ is:

  1. Providing a sabbatical

  2. sitting them out of projects

  3. Demotion

  4. Giving a notice period to leave their position/ job.

These interventions, though coming from a solution focused perspective, only further adds to their stressors of job security, stagnancy in their professional development, etc.

Also, Hold on… this space is not just to state problems, but to help build resources as well. Hence, further on, we shall also discuss certain constructive supporting strategies that employers can undertake.

Here are some points that many would want their employees and organizations to understand.

While some individuals at least have a grievance redressal cell, many employees feel the lack of it in their organizations. Or even if such spaces are present may feel intimidated or scared to utilize it. What needs to be understood is that though as a company, you might be providing the scope for communication, but the hierarchy & the very formal structure of communication might feel intimidating and robust to employees.

Thus, as companies, ensuring a work environment where employees feel secure in sharing what they are experiencing, and asking for the support they need, is what can be looked into.

Having some informal conversations, and meetups can enable team bonding. It can also facilitate finding support systems in their workforce.

Another common resolution that companies provide, which mostly proves ineffective is providing upskilling courses and counseling support as additional tasks beyond the work hours & scope.

Though these are great options to support employees in improving work efficiency, they cannot become a one size fits all solution. Many employees might perceive it as a displacement of responsibility and an additional set of tasks for them to undergo.

Here are 5 ways that you can include in Employee Welfare!

It is always smart work to have a pool of resources for employee care, from which the employees themselves can choose what might help them. This also allows for an interactive & participative model.

Some of the effective employee welfare resolutions that can be undertaken are:

a) EAP services: Counseling services for employees sponsored by the company/employers

b) Brainstorming with the employees on the support and care they need from the employer

c) Regular, short upskilling workshops

d) Frequent breaks

e) Mutual goal-setting sessions

I understand reading this can feel overwhelming, and bring in a feeling of being lost as to what you as an employer/organization can do.

Who can help me curate an Effective Employee Welfare Package for my organization?

If this is something you care about, want to explore and work on, I or other mental health professionals can be of service.

I can be reached at:

+91 9080610825

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