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Instagram Live: "How do I manage the Crisis Myself OR support someone passing through it?"
on World Suicide Prevention Day with Dhruva Koranne

On 10th September, 2022.. This Suicide Prevention Day Let's Discuss... (5).png

In 2022, on World Suicide Prevention Day (10th September), I conducted an Instagram Live with a fellow Psychologist to spread awareness and build shared resources...

Webinar Series - Eating Disturbances
Why even care? How to care for it
with Kamakshi Malhotra and Sana Topia

In this Series, I conducted a session each with Kamakshi Malhotra & Sana Topia regarding Eating Disturbances, Disorder, Relationship with food, Body Image, resources and ways of reshaping certain aspects of the disturbances.

The Bridal Experience: A Support Group for Brides-to-be
Co-Facilitation with The Flashlight Services

Team Bride - group therapy poster.png
Leaf Pattern Design


Spotify Podcast - Out of Order: " Never Have I ever.. Been in a Relationship"
with Saumya Garg and Jagriti Pincha

Listen to this fun Podcast, where myself and Jagriti Pincha were hosted graciously by Saumya Garg to discuss about being single in Young Adulthood!

Spotify Podcast - Out of Order: " Am I a Bad Therapist? - Imposter Syndrome in Novice Therapists"
with Saumya Garg and Mohini Singh

Listen to this insightful podcast, where myself and Mohini Singh were hosted graciously by Saumya Garg to discuss about the experiences and self-doubts one faces when starting out as a counseling psychologist.

Published an Article in CXO Outlook: " Befriending the Pandemic and the Experiences for Our Wellbeing & Growth"
in the Digital Edition of October, 2021

CXO magazine outlook cover.jpg

In this Article for CXO Outlook's digital magazine, I intend to discuss the dynamic changes that were brought in by the Pandemic in the workspaces and ways in which organizations and individuals are coping and adapting.

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