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Webinar Series: 
Eating Disorders & Disturbances

Why even care? How to care?

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Eating Disorders & Disturbances: You're not alone in this Experience

In this engaging and important conversation with Kamakshi Malhotra, Founder of FREED, we discuss: - The spectrum of various eating patterns - Eating Disorder & Disordered Eating - Available resources for individuals to access - Present research trends and data regarding Eating Disorder - Finding a professional who is a right fit for you - Supporting your loved ones in their journey - How to support your clients in their recovery journey - Collaboration & need of various healthcare experts in the recovery journey: Therapists, nutritionists, fitness coaches, clinicians etc. And much more...


Understanding & Reshaping our Relationship with Food

In this engaging session with Sana Topia, a Psychologist specializing in body image and eating related concerns, we discuss: - The different patterns of eating we have - Determinants of our relationship and attitude towards eating - Interlink of eating and body image - Understanding the perception of our body image through an activity - Attuned Eating. - small steps we can guide our clients with in reshaping their eating patterns and beliefs. And much more...


Purchase both videos at an Unbelievable price of just INR 1,200/-

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